Various schools of thought about the origins of bed bugs

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  • What Causes Bed Bugs?
  • There are various schools of thought about the origins of bed bugs in America.
  • According to one such observation, early ECU colonists were primarily responsible for bringing these bugs to America.
  • The extensive use of DDT had all but exterminated these bugs by the mid 20th century.
  • According to researchers uncluttered and unclean rooms are the main cause of bed bugs.
  • There are many reasons apart from that which cause bed bugs including unhygienic, unsanitary conditions which assist in increasing the infestation.

Generally found in zones where mammals and birds

  • Bed bugs are generally found in zones where mammals and birds have their nests.
  • These bugs feed on warm blooded animals and are transferred to homes via animals.
  • One first needs to understand the conditions that help to spread bed bugs from one place to another to arrive at a positive conclusion.
  • These bugs typically attach themselves to clothes, linen, bedding and furniture and are thus transported from one place to another via these means.
  • Since bed bugs prefer the blood of human beings they are found in higher numbers in our homes.

The bed bugs can easily hide in the joints

  • Thanks to their flat and small shape, the bed bugs can easily hide in the joints and cracks of boxes, furniture, and luggage.
  • The bed bug infested luggage, carried along by a visitor to your home, can easily cause an infestation in your home too.
  • While most people believe that these bugs are a thing of the past, the reality is that they are increasing at an alarming frequency of 500% per year. They also find their way into uninfected places by travelers visiting America from other countries.

These bugs hide during the day and creep

  • Belonging to the cimicidae family of insects, these bugs hide during the day and creep out of their hiding places at night to launch their attack on humans.
  • The typical characteristics of bed bug bites are extremely itchy red swelling on the torso, arms, and legs.
  • These bites are often confused with mosquito bites but the itchy sensation left by bed bug bites last much longer than those caused by mosquitoes.
  • In the past, DDT was used extensively to combat this menace, but since DDT is being phased out due to health related issues, these bugs are returning back in a big way.
  • Another major problem is that the common insecticides that are used to exterminate insects like cockroaches have no effect on these bugs.

Especially in the North, bats and migratory birds

  • In certain parts of America, especially in the North, bats and migratory birds are the prime source of bed bug infestation.
  • If you have traveled abroad, chances are that you are unknowingly importing bed bugs in your clothing and luggage.
  • It is strongly recommended to take preventive action rather than repent later.
  • Once these bugs hide in cracks and crevices of the walls, it is very tough to locate and exterminate them.
  • Check your new home carefully for any signs of infestation and check used furniture thoroughly before bringing them into your home.
  • The main causes of bed bugs infestation are due to the increase in international travel along with the bugs forming resistance to insecticides that were previously used to exterminate them.

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