How to Detect Bed Bugs – Early revealing bed bugs !

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The only means to identify for definite presence of bed bug is to create a genuine sample of the bug itself. The bed bug problem can only be justified if an actual bed bug egg is found only then a person can be 100% sure of the problem. The bed bug bite symptom is also a good pointer but its diagnoses is also not 100% certain as a mosquito bite and a bed bug bite both resemble to some certain extend.

If you want to know how to detect bed bugs, you must look for a bed bug eggs that can be an actual sample. Bite like mark cannot be assumed as a bed bug bite as it is significant to understand that medical experts can also never positively detect a bite mark just by examining the symptoms appearing.

If you find the presence of bed bugs associated with the places close to bed or furniture then be sure to go for an examination to professionals who is capable to provide positive information for the cause of the appearances of the marks. And in case you are experiencing bite marks but no signs of bed bugs then do observe the situation in control but try to detect the presence.

How to detect bed bugs?

  • Bed bugs are tiny parasites that survive on the blood of human beings and mainly appear at night.
  • Small insects having brown/ red brown wingless bodies.
  • Bed bugs can be found on beds, underneath bed frames and closed spaces near bed and furniture where they can easily remain hidden.
  • These insects shed skin, produce eggs which can be easily detected as a bed bug sign
  • Fecal droppings/dark stains on bed sheets and pillow covers.
  • If you are rapidly waking up in the morning with bite symptoms which were not present earlier in your body.

Professionals help to identify

  • In this situation go for a pest control as soon as possible or take professionals help to identify and confirm their presence.
  • Bites on the body can occur at different times on different sites like at home, at work ,at school or in the car which are must less possible to be caused by bed bugs.
  • If you have already looked for bugs but could not find then do not assume these insects do not exist anymore as the bugs live mysterious and secret lives hiding under small and messy spaces where they are difficult to inspect.

Bed bug infestation can be observed

  • Infrequently evidences of bed bug infestation can be observed without seeing a bed bug.
  • The fecal stains they leave behind or clusters of droppings of dark brown colour can identify their inhabitant.
  • These stains are incompletely digested blood, which they leave behind.
  • As the bed bug digests, the blood it becomes dark in color and thus droppings of bud beg commonly spotted as a back stains in some areas.
  • If you suffer from bed bug bite, recommend a highly experienced professional rather treating yourself.
  • Moreover, immediately after infestation protect your clothing by encasing and covering them.

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