Braun Series 1-190 Men’s Electric Shaver Review

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Today’s review is about the Braun Series 1-190 Men’s Electric Shaver.In this review you will learn about the main features of the Braun Series 1-190 Electric Shaver, about the pros and cons of it compared to other electric shavers for men and about other important aspects that you should know.If you are looking for the cheapest price available for the Braun Series 1-190 online then you can also Click Here in order to see the best price that I personally found for this electric shaver now.

What Is The Braun Series 1-190 Men’s Electric Shaver?

Primary Features And Quick Description The Braun Series 1-190 Men’s Electric Shaver is probably the best bet of anyone planning to make the switch from a traditional razor to an electric shaving device. This cordless shaver features an ergonomically designed body with a non-slip grip handle that easily and comfortably fits in your hand.

This unit features Braun’s famous SmartFoil Technology, which allows this unit to efficiently cut unruly facial hairs growing at different directions with just a few strokes. It also features the Triple Action Free Float System that enables the shaver to catch both long and short facial hairs using just one stroke.

The Braun Series 1-190 also has a quick-charge option that offers five minutes shaving time. A one hour charge is equivalent to 30 minutes of shaving time, and after using it you can fully rinse this unit under running water.

Other features of this unit are extra-broad shaver foil, fully flexible head, retractable trimmer for long hairs, and an international voltage feature.The Braun Series 1-190 Men’s Electric Shaver is covered by a one year limited manufacturer warranty

The Pros And Cons Of The Braun Series 1-190 Shaver

The Pros

A lot of consumers share the same sentiment that it almost shaves as close as a razor.

The battery charges fast and lasts for a long time.

It can be fully washed under running water, so maintenance and cleaning are hassle-free.

You barely feel this because you don’t need to press the shaver to your face, which lessens the possibility of skin irritation.

It is a relatively affordable Braun shaver model that offers consistent great performances.

You can use it while it’s charging, which is a big plus point in our book.

It is ergonomically designed, so it is not tiring or difficult to hold.

The Cons

Some users feel that using this prolongs their shaving time.Like other electric shavers, this model will require a couple of days or weeks of regular use in order for your face to get used to it.The power switch easily gets turned on or off.

My Conclusions

The Braun Series 1-190 Men’s Electric Shaver offers great quality for a reasonable price. Some even feel that it beats other expensive models of Braun or other brands.What’s really great about this it gives the closest shave possible without requiring you to press it hard on your face. But for us, the most outstanding benefit of buying this shaver is it can be used while plugged in.If you like a foil shaver, or if you like a reliable shaver for a less expensive price, then the Braun Series 1-190 Men’s Electric Shaver is a great option for you.

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