Bed Bugs Treatments For Your Infestation

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There are many options available to you concerning bed bugs treatment, so it’s important that you know them all so that you and your bed bugs exterminator can choose the right one.  From heat treatment for bed bugs to mattress covers for bed bugs, finding the right options for getting rid of bedbugs will not only solve your problem, but go easy on your wallet as well.The first step to looking for a bed bugs treatment is to absolutely make sure that you have bed bugs

Bed Bugs Treatment—Pesticide

  • The most common method used in the treatment of bed bugs is a mixture of steam and insecticides to eradicate your pest problems.
  • Most exterminators for bed bugs will use a solution that has d-Phenothrin mixed inside of it.
  • This non-systemic insecticide poisons the bed bug from inside upon contact.
  • This is helpful because it doesn’t rely on the bed bug ingesting anything, instead poising the insect from the inside solely through outer shell contact. 

Bed Bugs Treatment—Using Methods In Tandem

  • Because pesticides aren’t substantially efficient enough to work on their own when combating bed bugs, other methods are used in conjunction with pesticide bed bugs treatment.
  • Below are the two most popular bed bugs treatment options which professional exterminators use along with pesticides:

Steam Based Bed Bugs Treatment

  • Steam treatments for bed bugs are useful because they eliminate each stage of the bed bugs’ life cycle.  Unfortunately, they don’t eliminate every bed bug, making the use of steam treatments along with pesticides a necessity.
  • This is because whatever the steam treatments miss, the insecticides will certainly eradicate.It’s important to note that some steam cleaners are more effective than others when battling bed bugs so make sure yours:Is able to produce low vapor steam that is high temperature (typically a setting).
  • Doesn’t overpower bed bugs with forces of steam propulsion that will blow them into cracks instead of killing them

Has multiple jet steam heads

  • Once you have the right steamer (or find a professional bed bugs exterminator with the right steamer), be sure that while steaming, the operator is as close as possible to the bed bugs and moving extremely slow (1 inch every ten seconds). 
  • Going faster than this, even by a few seconds, will allow the bed bugs to survive the steaming.Steam treatments should begin with the mattress, starting at the seams and labels along with any other attachments.
  • Then, move onto chairs, sofas, cushions or anything else with upholstery, giving considerable time to buttons and seams.  Be sure you don’t steam electrical outlets, though; bed bugs exterminators have other options for this type of bed bugs treatment.

Heat Based Bed Bugs Treatment

  • Because bed bugs are highly sensitive to extreme heat sources and die off rapidly at temperatures of over 120 degrees F, using heat treatments for bed bugs will provide you with stellar results.
  • The main thing to keep in mind with a bed bugs heat treatment is that the heat must not be gradual or the insect will have time to sense the change in temperature and scatter.
  • This is counteractive to your infestation problem as it actually spreads the presence of bed bugs in your home or apartment.Instead, the heat based bed bugs treatment must be a rapid blast of continuous heat that leaves the pests no time to react.
  • This is very effective out in the open, but not quite as effective if your bed bugs are inside of your mattress or couch.

Finding The Right Bed Bugs Treatment Professional

  • When choosing between exterminators for bed bugs, always find referrals through professional associations, ensuring that the company is licensed to use pesticides and steam or heat based bed bugs treatment options.
  • Interview a few exterminators prior to hiring one, asking about their training and approach to killing bed bugs.
  • Agree on service plans, costs and goals before signing anything and understand that your bed bugs treatment might take three or more visits to ensure your problem is completely under control.

You should expect the following from your bed bugs treatment professional:

  • A quote and written inspection report as well as a plan of action
  • Precise instructions on what you can do to help
  • Professionally trained exterminators for bed bugs
  • An educational meeting on how to prevent bed bugs
  • Respect for your home and privacy
  • When you feel you have the proper company, be sure you ask for the least-toxic as possible pesticide that is labelled for bed bugs but will still be effective.

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