About Bed Bugs – How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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  • Adult bed bugs are usually reddish/brown in color and have a flattened appearance. They look a lot like an apple seed in size and appearance.
  • The newly hatched ones look like adults, except they do not have any color to them.
  • As they mature, they will start to get their reddish/brown color. An adult can lay up to five eggs each day. It is nearly impossible for the human eye to see them as they resemble dust. Despite it all, you should not have to live or sleep in the same home with these bugs.
  • While you may not fill the bite, after they bite you, in many cases, it will itch and you will develop red bites on your skin. There are children out there that have become anaemic because of these bugs.
  • In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you more bed bugs information so that you will be able to eventually find the best way to get rid of bed bugs.

What is the prevention of bed bugs?

  • It is important that you do your best to keep these critters out of your house. Develop good hygiene habits and good sanitation to prevent them from thriving.
  • From time to time, search your entire home and inspect it for any signs of these pests. Searching the home frequently will help prevent an infestation.
  • When you sleep in motels or hotels, make sure you take a high quality bed bug spray with you to spray on your bed.
  • There are various products you can use in order to prevent infestation. Make sure you do your research in order to find the best one.
  • These pests are usually less than an inch in length and as adults, they can fill up on human blood in less than fifteen minutes.
  • After these pests have feasted on blood, they don’t really look like themselves. In fact, when they are engorged with blood, many people think they are a different insect.
  • When the eggs are laid by the adult, it will take up to ten days for them to hatch. Once they have hatched, they will need to have at least five large blood feeding before they grow into adult size.
  • They are going to shed their exoskeleton between the feedings. Once they have matured, they will start laying eggs. As you see, if you are not careful, you could easily become infested with these pests.

Where they hide bed bugs?

  • Bed bugs like hiding in cracks, walls, behind the wallpaper, behind picture frames, under base boars, in the mattress and even in electrical outlets.
  • They have a bad odor that is caused by an oily liquid that they give off. Often times, they are carried into the house by luggage, clothes, bedding and furniture.
  • In conclusion, these are small pests that love to suck the blood out of humans and warm blooded animals.
  • They hide in mattresses, but can also live in other places in your home. They do not transmit diseases, but the bites can become swollen and itch.
  • They are an insect that creeps around during the night when humans are sleeping.
  • There are many products one can use in order to get rid of an infestation, but it is important to practice good hygiene in order to prevent an infestation.
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